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Tulsa’s Streets

We will fix Tulsa's streets in a timely way.

Tulsa’s Streets

class="headline">We will fix Tulsa's streets in a timely way.

Good streets are more than a convenience – they are an economic necessity.  Throughout my tenure on the city council, there is no issue I have been more deeply involved with than working to overcome decades of neglect of our city’s streets.  I led the successful passage of the two largest street improvement programs in Tulsa history – without increasing the sales tax rate.  I also successfully brought $1 million back into street maintenance funding by ending the practice of using that money for other projects.


If there is one thing people despise more than bad roads, its construction closing lanes when nobody is working.  Because of this, I want to expand the 24-hour-a-day street construction projects I worked to implement in 2009.  Because we do not want to disturb families, this will remain only for targeted projects, but we must reduce the disruption to drivers. 

As Mayor, I will vigilantly protect road funding from being used for other purposes.  I will work with the county and the state to successfully partner on projects to help our citizens, and I will hold our vendors to the highest quality standards, deadlines, and budgets.