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GT Bynum: Issues

GT Bynum: Issues

For G.T. Bynum, this campaign is about renewing a spirit of high expectations in Tulsa.  Throughout our history as a city, Tulsans have united to accomplish great things.  But it isn’t enough to just say something.  A mayor should have a track record of accomplishing the goals they set out to achieve.

Public Safety

G.T. has already:

  • Worked to establish the first Municipal Veterans Treatment Court in the United States;
  • Wrote the budget amendment that put our Tulsa Police helicopters back in service;
  • Restored funding for Tulsa Police academies in multiple years.

As Mayor, G.T. will: Work to make Tulsa the employer of choice for Police Officers and Firefighters in Oklahoma, while partnering with our vibrant not-for-profit community to address crime in a comprehensive way.


G.T. has already:

  • Led the successful passage of the two largest streets improvement programs in Tulsa history;
  • Worked to implement 24-hour-a-day street construction projects in targeted areas, reducing the interruption for drivers;
  • Saved an estimated $1 million in street maintenance funding by ending the practice of using that money for other projects.

As Mayor, G.T. will:  Finish what we started on street improvements, returning Tulsa to an acceptable standard of street quality.


G.T. has already:

  • Developed the practice of holding an annual Mayor-Council retreat, reducing bickering at City Hall and focusing the City on a more proactive agenda.
  • Worked with County leaders to aid the successful development of both the Improve Our Tulsa and Vision programs;
  • Led the effort to improve public safety relationship with Tulsa Public Schools, increasing schools’ ability to keep kids safe.

As Mayor, G.T. will: 1) Partner with area schools to achieve the goal of establishing Tulsa as the premier place in Oklahoma to receive an education.  2) Partner with Tulsa County to reduce duplication of services and improve quality of service for taxpayers.

Government Efficiency

G.T. has already:

  • Created the first municipal rainy day fund in the state of Oklahoma;
  • Cut bloated employee travel expenses to fund Police academies;
  • Worked to expand powers of the City Auditor to include performance auditing.

As Mayor, G.T. will: Reorient the City’s budgeting to run more like a business, focused on outcomes for customers.