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A message from G.T. - G.T. Bynum for Tulsa Mayor

A message from G.T.

My fellow Tulsans:

Four years ago, I asked you to join me in renewing Tulsa’s historic spirit of high expectations. I asked you to help me build a coalition to accomplish big goals because when Tulsans unite, we have proven time and time again that we can achieve great things. In the past four years we have done just that. The globally competitive and globally renowned Tulsa of today looks quite a bit different than it did four years ago.

In light of how productive the relationship is now between our City Council, Tulsa County and the mayor’s office, it’s hard to remember the predominant and unproductive bickering of the past that had stalled so much of our city’s ability to problem solve and move forward. As any of us in public service knows, you don’t do it alone and it is largely our team approach that has allowed us to accomplish so much these past four years. A few of these are:

  • We’ve recruited the 2 largest new employers in Tulsa history – Amazon and Greenheck.
  • We were recently ranked first in the nation by Inc. magazine for wage growth.
  • We’ve not only tripled the size of our Rainy Day Fund, but we are now one of the first cities in the nation to have a dedicated funding source for it.
  • We’ve secured funding for the greatest surge in staffing for the Police Department in Tulsa history.
  • We are implementing the largest streets improvement program in Tulsa history.
  • We are now internationally recognized for our use of data to drive our initiatives.

These past four years haven’t been without their challenges too. But it’s been in the midst of these challenges that I found myself feeling the proudest of this city I love so much. During the historic flood in May of 2019, we saw Tulsa rally together and work as a team to take care of neighbors. First responders, field crews, city leaders and volunteers worked around the clock and it was that neighborly spirit and determination that showed the true character of our community during the response.

We aren’t done yet. I hope you’ll join me as there is still so much we can accomplish together in the next four years.

Thank you,