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a message from G.T.

a message from G.T.


Thank you!  Together, we will continue to move Tulsa Forward.

The greatest honor the citizens of Tulsa can bestow on someone is the opportunity to serve them as their mayor. I promise to continue to devote all I have to doing right by your faith in me.

Over the last four years, Tulsa has been a test of whether or not people of opposing views really could set aside their differences and work together to move a city forward. This approach has had many successes - massive economic development investment, historic public safety staffing advancements, globally-recognized civic innovations, and a citywide focus on doing right by our neighbors - past, present, and future.

But this approach has also experienced its challenges, especially in a divisive year like this one. And along the way many lost faith and sought consolation back amongst those who share their same views.

With this election, a majority of Tulsans sent an important message: first and foremost, we are Tulsans - and we will not be divided by all the forces that seek to gain by doing so.

I am so grateful for all my fellow Tulsans who never gave up on working together. I’ve seen you in action over the last four years. I’ve seen you help local businesses after a tornado. I’ve seen you help your neighbors move during a flood. I’ve seen you damage your own businesses to save lives during a pandemic, and I’ve seen you sacrifice your own pay to keep our first responders employed during a budget crisis. I’ve seen you line every block of a 12 mile funeral procession to show your love to the family of a beloved sergeant and the men and women he served beside. And when I think about those moments over the last four years, I’m reminded of the best in our city and why it is so special - and I am so grateful for all of you who make it that way.

For those Tulsans who did not vote for me in this election: we share the same future in this city and we need your help in addressing the great challenges of our time. We can do so much more if we are willing to work together. We have proven that over the last four years, and we can accomplish even more over the next.

We move forward from this election season, confirmed in our resolve to work together, to aim high, to support those who keep us safe, to increase equality of opportunity, and to build a globally competitive world class city.

Again, thank you.